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Download your Re-Branding Kit here for
“Blastoff Your Bank Account!”

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Download BYBA Re-Branding Kit here!

Windows Zip file, 578 kb

Note: This is not the BYBA report itself; you can download that here. This file above is a zipped windows kit including an executable file that allows you to place your own Blastoff link inside the BYBA report. With it you can very easily build up a huge Blastoff downline, just by giving away that version of the free BYBA report.

Simply download the kit above, unzip it, and read the README file for complete instructions on how to re-brand your own copy. It’s very easy to do, but for windows machines only. (Even though the final .pdf file can be read on any machine… It only takes a windows system to re-brand it.)

So what are you waiting for? This is an awesome tool that sets you apart from your competitors… It pre-sells newbies to Blastoff for you, and then makes sure they sign up under your link. How cool is that? And for those already in your Blastoff Downline, it helps them build THEIR downline… Which is something you want, trust me. Even Pizza Hut doesn’t have a Viral campaign like that!

Q: “But after it’s been re-branded again, I don’t get them in my downline anymore, do I? How is it Viral for me?”

Wrong! If someone you gave it to rebrands this report again, then they’ll be on your NEXT level down… And so on and so on, so that everyone that gets it can rebrand it and give it to their downlines through every level underneath you!

Since Blastoff is unique in that every level underneath you earns you the exact same amount of revenue share, this is EXACTLY what you need to build out your whole downline, all 10 or even 20 levels deep!

4 Responses to “Get your BYBA Kit Here!”

  1. Rocque says:

    Hiya Luke, if this is your site. If not then Hi to who this blog belongs to. It is a great and cheery blog.
    I joined blastoff today and will be telling my friends about it, too.
    It looks like a great site and opportunity.
    Here is my blastoff url:

    Thanks for this blog.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Roc!

    Yes, I’m here behind the scenes, pulling a few strings, especially now during the Blastoff launch.

    I have another writer for this blog to help out but I am doing most of the work right now as the blog (and blastoff itself, for that matter) are just taking off.

    Thanks for the kind words, I am certainly trying to keep this new blog cheery and easy-going… While still providing help to those who want to build their Blastoff business, of course. :)

    Good to hear from you again!

  3. Neil Ferree says:

    Hey Luke,

    I learned about Blastoff from one of my FB friends. I sent the dude a note to ask him a couple of basic questions. That was 3 hours ago, so luckily I had the sense to visit the WF – found the Blast thread and your comment, clicked your link, download your report, bought a Blastoff domain BlastoffMoneyMakers. Once I rebrand your report, I’ll dump the link into Aweber and start on the 3 part deal. Really glad I found your site. Nice theme too! Cya Later – Neil

  4. admin says:

    Hello Neil,

    It’s great to have you with us. Your facebook friend’s loss is my gain. :)

    Other than the Calc there are going to be even more new things here on the site to help you guys promote in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. – I’ll certainly announce it all on Twitter as it happens.

    To your success!

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